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Daily Meditations

Hay House Daily Meditations

by Hay House

Find serenity, inner peace and transformational healing through daily meditations by Hay House authors.

Sunday, March 9, 2014 | Today

In breath meditation, the mind can be relaxed and spacious; we don't have to fabricate anything. Take a few deep, easy breaths and release them. Allow the breath to become natural so you're not trying to force or control it in any way. Notice the place where you feel the breath most distinctly. It may be the in-and-out movements of the air at the nostrils. You may feel tingling or vibration or changes in temperature. You may feel the breath most distinctly with the rising and falling of the chest or the abdomen: stretching ... pressure ... tension ... release. Wherever you feel it is the most natural, most easy, allow your mind to rest in that place and feel the breath. As you feel the breath, you can make a silent mental note to sharpen the concentration: "in" as you feel the breath go in; "out" as you feel it leave your body. Or "rising, falling" with the sensation in your chest or belly. Very gently, very quietly in your mind, just support the awareness of the actual sensations. You don't need to make the breath special. It doesn't have to be long or different from however it is, however it changes. It's happening anyway, so simply be aware of it, one breath at a time.

- Joan Duncan Oliver

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